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Remote Starts – Viper SmartStart, Code Alarm, Drone Mobile, Prestige or Compustar ?

Nothing is more frustrating than starting a cold car up and waiting for it to warm up in the winter. Remote start allows you to start your vehicle from the warmth of your home or work place without stepping a foot into the cold. Before buying a remote car starter in Columbus Ohio, you should learn about the technology and decide which product is right for you.

When evaluating remote start products it is important to look at the range at which the remote can communicate with the vehicle. The range for most remote starters is about 500 feet to over 2,000 feet. Range is an importantViper SmartStart Remote Starter consideration because after all, why have a remote starter if you have to go outside for your remote to work? Buying from a trusted remote starter brand is another good way to insure your getting a quality product. Columbus Car Audio has installed remote starters for years and carries only the best products available. CompuStar, Code Alarm, Drone Mobile, Viper and Prestige are the brands that we trust to deliver a solid product.

Columbus remote start manufactures usually include additional features such as security and keyless entry. The security features can be as advanced as having a video camera stream video to a keychain controller or as simple as a car alarm siren. Keyless entry is another additional feature that allows you to lock and unlock your vehicle doors without using a key. Additionally, some products offer a screen on the controller which will tell you if the doors are locked, never leaving you with the question; “Did I lock my doors?” .

1. CompuStar: model RF-2W9000-SS

  • features a range of up to 1 mile. CompuStar Remote Start
  • Some of the basic features include a 1 year remote warranty, lifetime system warranty, multi-car operation, vehicle temperature display, vehicle voltage display, CompuGlow backlight, protective case, run-time countdown, keyless entry, trunk release, remote start, auxiliary outputs and more.

2. Code Alarm CA-6551 SST VSS

  • Rated best in class with up to a 1 mile range.
  • The system offers 2-Way Confirmation & Alarm Paging with a Remote Start that will defrost your windshield and warm up the interior in the winter or cool it down in the summer.
  • The remote has a screen which tells you if the vehicle is locked or unlocked and pages you when the alarm is triggered.

3. Prestige XR09100

  • This remote start system comes with keyless entry and security system with a transmitter offering a LED display that shows up to 24 descriptive moving color animations.
  • This product is similar to Code Alarm’s product in that it offers a remote screen which tells you if the vehicle is locked or unlocked and pages you when the alarm is triggered.
  • This product however lacks the luxurious features such as windshield defrosts.

4. Drone Mobile

  • Remote start and keyless entry is now possible through your Smartphone.Done Mobile Remote Start
  • Using the DroneMobile app you can view your vehicles exact location, status information, battery voltage, temperate, alarm status, speed and more.
  • This product is similar to Viper’s SmartStart design however DroneMobile is installed with a compatible CompuStar remote start system.

5. Viper SmartStart

  • Viper’s new SmartStart technology is the new thing this year and is takingremote start technology to the next level.
  • Tired of carrying around a bulky controller on your key ring? The SmartStart technology allows you to start your vehicle using an application downloaded to your Smartphone.
  • In addition to starting your car it can lock/unlock doors, truck release and panic.
  • What is also great about Viper’s SmartStart technology is that it allows multiple users to control a vehicle, which is great for families.