Shedding Light on Window Tint

Shedding Light on Window Tint 

Why You Should Consider Getting Your Windows Done

If you think window tint is just for TV mobsters and teenagers, think again.  The mysterious and sleek look of window tint might turn quite a few heads, but what you might not know is that there are also many practical benefits to tinting your windows:

  • Heat/Light/Fade Protection
  • Glare Reduction
  • Increased Anti-Theft Protection
  • Improved Safety, Privacy, and Scratch Resistance

Save Your Car’s Skin…and Yours Too
Window tint protects from UVA and UVB rays that can cause damage to your skin as well as the interior of your car.  A recent study found that more than 50% of all skin cancer cases in the U.S. appear on the left side of the body.  In other words, the side of your body exposed to the sun while you drive is getting fried!  Quality tinting materials have the ability to eliminate up to 99% of harmful rays before they can start causing damage.

Improved Anti-Theft and Collision Safety
Window tint isn’t just your skin and upholstery’s best friend, it’s your security system’s as well. If a thief can’t see what’s inside your car then they’re a lot less likely to go after it.  Plus, some window film can make your windows strong enough to make it difficult for even a baseball bat to break!
In fact, the right window film tint can also help prevent window splinter/shatter if you’re in an accident which can help protect both you and your passengers.  This same quality also provides your windows with a scratch resistance coating that will keep your car looking smooth and increase the lifespan of your windows by protecting them for everyday use.

And Remember, Go to a Pro
Adding window tint to your car is one of the most affordable ways to protect the interior of your car.  The fact that it also makes your car look nicer is just a perk!  Don’t take any chances on shoddy installation though – it’s important to go to a window tint professional (like us!) to make sure you get the most precise results and the latest info about state and local window tint laws.

For more information on window tint and installation, call or visit us today!

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Why A Professional Install Is Worth The Cost


Horror stories, we’ve heard them over and over…The ‘backyard install’ that started a car fire so bad that the wiring of the entire car melted away, leaving the car unusable and worthless?  Yeah, we know that guy.  Maybe you do too.  After all, you probably know someone who’s had a friend, cousin, brother, boyfriend, or a friend’s cousin’s boyfriend to do something on their car.  And we can tell you those installs are rarely pretty or safe.

You’re just trying to save money. We know this.  But when it comes to your car (your baby, your high dollar investment) it doesn’t make a lot of sense to risk thousands just to keep a few bucks in your wallet.  Trust the professionals.  Why, you ask?

1.  We Know What We’re Doing

Professional installers are trained to know the ins and outs of a car electrical system – this is why they are called professionals.  They know what is safe (and not safe) when it comes to installing head units, amplifiers, capacitors, monitors, subwoofers, alarms, and more.  And no, if you happen to be an electrician, you’re still not qualified to install car stereo components.

2.  We Have the Right Tools

The professional installer also has the correct tools available so nothing is broken during the install.  We’re talking to you, Mr. Door Panels Flapping in the Wind and to you, Miss Scratched Dash.  Butter knives are not intended to remove stock radios!  Do you really want to have to explain to your friends why your cool new touchscreen nav receiver is surrounded by white scratches on that nice leather dashboard?  Hmmm…Definite deduction in your cool factor score.

3.  We Provide Service even AFTER the Install

Professionals will always be there to help if you need some technical service with a feature of your new equipment.  Unlike your friend’s friend named Flint, who you’ll never be able to get a hold of again!  When you have a question about your equipment or, yikes, if something goes wrong with your equipment, you’ll want a professional who will be able to find out a.) what went wrong and b.) how to fix it.

4.  We Guarantee Our Work

We offer a Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee on every install. So if your radio shuts off or your subwoofers stop booming, we’ll take a look at it for you.  Most manufacturers won’t honor a 1-year warranty on their products unless you provide a receipt for installation work done by an authorized dealer. And if they happen to provide any warranty without that professional installation, you’re looking at a whopping 90 days on your equipment.

So please, do us all a favor and save yourself from future headaches and expense.
Be smart and always get your gear installed by our professionals.

For more information about this topic and what our install technicians can do for you, please visit our website or call us today!

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Conquer Theft; Install a Vehicle Security System


Conquer Theft; Install a Vehicle Security System

Over a million vehicles will be stolen this year. According to the FBI, nationwide in 2010 there were an estimated 737,142 motor vehicle thefts, with property losses estimated at over $4 billion.  Don’t be a statistic, and don’t believe that having only a factory security system (that typically only include keyless entry with door sensors) will provide the protection you need to keep your vehicle and its contents safe.

Cars are expensive.  Other than a home, few purchases we make will compare to a new car.  Just like any other expensive asset, a car brings with it an associated cost – the risk of theft.  Perhaps in some parts of the world, simply locking the doors may be enough to ward off threats.  In other places, it’s a good idea to arm your car with some security.  Security systems have come a long way in recent years, from pre-installed components like OnStar to top of the line options like LoJack.

Enhance Your Security/Remote Start Systems

  • Audio Sensor: Detects glass break – adding an additional layer of protection if you often leave valuable in your car
  • Digital Tilt Motion Sensor: Detects attempts to tow or jack-up your vehicle, suggested if you have expensive rims, wheels, or tires.
  • Field Disturbance Sensor: Creates an invisible sensing field around your vehicle, perfect for convertibles and Jeeps.
  • Backup Battery System: Allows the siren to sound even if a thief disconnects your car battery.

The 10 Most Stolen Vehicles

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) reviewed vehicle theft data submitted by law enforcement to the National Crime Information Center during 2011 to produce the following list of the 10 most stolen vehicles in 2011.

  1. 1994 Honda Accord midsize
  2. 1998 Honda Civic compact
  3. 2006 Ford F-150 pickup
  4. 1991 Toyota Camry midsize
  5. 2000 Dodge Caravan minivan
  6. 1994 Acura Integra compact
  7. 1999 Chevrolet Silverado pickup
  8. 2004 Dodge Ram pickup
  9. 2002 Ford Explorer SUV
  10. 1994 Nissan Sentra compact

Though late model sports and luxury cars tend to get swiped, it’s the more common older models like those listed that disappear more frequently because they lack sophisticated security systems and key code anti-theft technology.

Give us a call today to find out what security systems and features would be best for your vehicle!
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Back-Up Cameras; Bringing Convenience and Safety to your Vehicle


Back-Up Cameras; Bringing Convenience and Safety to your Vehicle

The main purpose of a rear-view camera system is simply to provide a view of what is behind you while you’re parking or backing up, but they also offer a safety advantage in helping you to see a child, pet, or other hazard.

How a Back-Up Camera Can Help You

Every year, thousands of children are hurt or killed because a driver backing up failed to see them. For the most part, back-over accidents take place in residential driveways or parking lots and oftentimes it’s the parent or close relative at the wheel.  With the installation of a back-up camera system you are eliminating a large blind zone and preventing many of these accidents.

Many new cars have proximity sensors that beep when you back toward a solid object, and other vehicles have a back-up camera incorporated into their built in navigation systems.  Aftermarket camera systems and back-up sensors allow any vehicle to be equipped with a warning system.

How They Work

With an aftermarket rear-view camera system, a small camera can be built into a license-plate holder or on a vehicle’s bumper.

Systems also require a video screen for viewing. These screens can be built into a replacement rear-view mirror or a small screen that mounts to the dash.  Also keep in mind, many in dash multimedia receivers and GPS navigation systems come back up camera ready.

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Spring Tune Up; Upgrade Your Motorcycle!


Spring Tune Up; Upgrade Your Motorcycle! 

If you own a motorcycle and enjoy the open road, then you’ve probably realized that enjoying your favorite music on your bike isn’t always easy.  Why not consider installing a suitable motorcycle audio system?  These days, it’s easy to get great sound on your motorcycle with many versatile products made for bikes.

Motorcycle Upgrade Options

  • Amplifiers – Some factory radios sound okay, but when it comes to competing with wind, road noise, and traffic they just don’t have the power to keep up.  Adding an amplifier can give your motorcycle’s sound system the boost that it needs.  The amplifier can usually fit inside the front fairing or in the saddle bag.  Some amplifiers have specially designed EQ circuits to enhance the bass and sound quality of the smaller speakers that are found on motorcycles.  They are also made to be efficient so they will not be a heavy load to your bike’s electrical system.
  • Speakers – The speakers that come standard on bikes are pretty much the bare minimum, and again can’t usually keep up with wind and road noise.  When choosing your new speakers, take into account if they can handle the power your new amplifier will be providing and if they can hold up in the weather conditions you normally ride in.
  • Receivers –The radio in your bike is where the signal starts and upgrading it can allow you to get the best performance from your amplifiers and speakers.  When replacing the radio, always consider if it will work with your motorcycle’s handlebar controls for volume, track, mode, and seek.
  • Extras! – Upgrading your motorcycle doesn’t have to stop with the standard audio gear.  Many new technologies can be integrated as well, such as GPS navigation, iPods/MP3 players, smartphones, and satellite radio.


There are many products out there that fit and were made for motorcycles, let our knowledgeable staff help you in choosing the right ones for your bike.  Getting your motorcycle audio system installed at Columbus Car Audio & Accessories will give you the peace of mind that comes from our more than 35 years of mobile audio experience, along with our lifetime workmanship guarantee.

Give us a call or visit us online to have your motorcycle upgraded today!

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What is Paint Protection Film and Why Do I Need It?


What is Paint Protection Film and Why Do I Need It?

What is Paint Protection Film?

Paint protection film, or clear bra, is a thin layer of clear urethane that can be applied to areas of your vehicle (bumpers, mirrors, side panels) that are at high risk for abrasions, scuffs, and other minor damages. It is nearly invisible and will protect your vehicle’s exterior from permanent damage from rocks, bugs, salt, and minor collisions.

Why Should I Get Paint Protection Film?

All vehicle owners want to keep their paint looking fresh and new and paint protection film is an ideal way.  Not only will it preserve the original finish, but it will preserve resale value when you sell the vehicle down the road.  Minor damages, scuffs, and scrapes are pretty much inevitable, but with paint protection film you can take a proactive approach to protecting your vehicle. For example, it can help prevent damage from the salt on roadways during winter months and from scratches by shopping carts. Those things may seem minor, but paint protection film can end up saving you hundreds of dollars on touch-up work and minor damage repairs.

How is Paint Protection Film Installed?

Here at Columbus Car Audio & Accessories, we use a computer cut film system to cut the film pieces to fit your exact vehicle make and model. Once we locate your vehicle in our database, our machines cut the film pieces to your exact specifications.  Our expert installers then carefully apply the film to the desired areas, and no one ever cuts the film on your vehicle. It is important to remember that the installation of paint protection film is not considered to be a do-it-yourself project.

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Window Tint is the Perfect Accessory for Your Vehicle


Window Tint is the Perfect Accessory for Your Vehicle

What is Window Tinting?

Window tinting is a process where a thin sheet of film is applied to a vehicle’s window to reduce radiation and heat from the sun.  In addition, it can add a sense of security and privacy.  Window tint film typically comes in a variety of tints such as flat, metallic, and mirrored.

Why Should I Tint My Windows?

Actually, there are many benefits to having your car windows tinted:

  • Window tint film protects you from the sun – it blocks up to 60% of the sun’s heat and blocks 98% of damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays. It not only protects your vehicle’s interior, but also your skin from sun damage.
  • More privacy – window tint film keeps people on the outside from being able to look into the vehicle’s interior; lessening the chance that a thief will see something they like and break in.
  • It can prevent shattering glass – if you ever get into a collision, the film can help keep the window from separating and shattering.
  • You’ll be fighting global warming – when your windows are tinted, you will have a cooler car, allowing you to use less energy to cool the vehicle on hot summer days.
  • Safer Driving – tint reduces the glare from the sun, snow, and headlights.

How Dark Can I Tint My Windows?

Some states have put legal restrictions on the type of tint you can have, how dark it can be, as well as which windows you can actually have tinted.  The darkness of the tint is measured by what is called visible light transmission (VLT%), defined as the percentage of visible light that makes it through the tint (the smaller the number the darker the film).  Our professional staff is always up to date on window tinting rules and regulations and would never steer you wrong.

In the State of Ohio:

  • The windshield must not be darker than 70% VLT
  • The front side windows must not be darker than 50% VLT
  • The back side windows and rear window can have any VLT applied


Some think that a car audio company can’t have the expertise and knowledge to ensure a quality tint install, but we’re dedicated to providing top notch service and products.  In the last few years, we’ve opened a 4,000 square ft. facility solely dedicated to the clean environment needed for Window Tint and Paint Protection Film installs.

Give us a call or visit us online to get your windows tinted today!

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